River Park Place 2

Isidore Landscapes proudly presents our contribution to the River Park Place 2 project, located on Pearson Way in Richmond. The landscaping elements we incorporated throughout the project are both numerous and noteworthy. The planting arrangements that line the exterior of the building seamlessly complement the commercial spaces and bike path, creating a stunning and unified environment.

However, our most impressive work is evident in the magnificent courtyard we constructed. Isidore Landscapes designed and installed a beautifully arranged space that features a barbecue area with ample seating, a fun and engaging play area, a center lawn, a wood deck located within the trellis area, putting green, and practical potting tables. The area is surrounded by a variety of elegantly shaped planter walls, creating a unique and harmonious ambiance that is both stunning and functional.

As an added bonus, we also installed a green roof that provides an additional pop of color, creating a striking contrast against the courtyard's vibrant aesthetic. Overall, the River Park Place 2 development is an exceptional example of Isidore Landscapes' commitment to creating unique and exceptional outdoor spaces.