Isidore Landscapes is proud to have contributed to the creation of Pierview, an impressive addition to Vancouver's River District. One of our noteworthy achievements can be seen in the extensive boulevard planting and lawn installation that stretches along South West Marine Drive and Pierview Crescent, adding a touch of natural beauty to the area. A beautifully cushioned staircase walkway connects the two buildings, with lush plants on either side creating an enchanting environment.

The planting slope situated beside the buildings proved to be a challenging yet rewarding project, requiring our team to navigate the slope's gradient, large trees, and tiered boulders. The end result is a beautifully designed and well-executed feature, creating a sense of unity and cohesion within the development.

In addition to the remarkable boulevard, Isidore Landscapes also designed and installed a refined paved upper courtyard with a picturesque view and a convenient potting table. Atop this courtyard, we created a vibrant play area featuring rubber surfacing, log seating, and various play equipment, making it a vibrant and exciting space for children and adults alike.